Jazz in Granada / Spain

When recently in Granada/Spain for some days I was fond of Jazz and therefore tried to find live performances but I couldn’t figure out anything. On Friday afternoon I set out for a walk through the city and stopped at “Paseo de Los Tristes”, a […]

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True Paris – “Le vrai Paris”

“…and of course I love Paris!”, that is what a nice elderly lady from Australia wholeheartedly told me on my flight back from Paris to Madrid when she was explaining to me her busy trip through Europe. I couldn’t agree more and so do, I […]

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Paris – La Défense District

When in Paris anyone can come across many different things that are labelled “Le vrai Paris” an expression equivalent to “The real Paris”: cafés, restaurants, tourist agencies, reading sections in a magazine or in a newspaper often have that expression in some way integrated into […]

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Wedding in Paris

Would you like to get married in Paris? Some tourist certainly do. Showing up early at spots like “Trocadero” and “Palais Royal” one can observe dressed up couples who have hired a photographer to take pictures of them. I was absolutely intrigued by these scenes […]

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Pamplona – Hemingway – Bullfight

During our stay in Pamplona I spent a morning at the emblematic “Café Iruña”, I walked respectfully through “Calle Estafeta”, the famous street where the running of the bulls is performed, I tasted the delicious tapas served in the many bars and pubs and I […]

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Oh yes, I know, talking about bullfights is a very controversial topic to say the least. Most people are outright against it, especially if one openly expresses a liking for it. I have been to see bullfights maybe about six times during my years in […]

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My analogue friend

My long time friend Michael is a fairly analogue guy and very faithful and steady in his tastes. When he was 18 he got a stereo set as a presence for successfully finishing his A levels. The set was made up of an LP Player, […]

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I enjoyed the very walkable and beautiful center of Pamplona, the famous city in the north of Spain. It is a very elegant town and it is a pleasure to have coffee in one of the cafés at “Plaza Castilla” or to drink an occasional […]

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I live in Linares/Spain (about 300 kilometres south of Madrid in Andalusia) which is a very nice place to stay, it is a former industrial and mining hub, now a university city and shopping town. From Linares there is a footpath which is a few kilometres long […]

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Beach & Music

I did not listen to the Chris Rea song “On the beach” during our recent stay to the mediterranean seaside, instead I listened mainly to some albums from the german world renowned Jazz musician Klaus Doldinger. Especially the Album “Doldinger in Südamerika” which proved to be […]

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Youth Orchestra

Recently we were invited to attend the double concert given by the youth string orchestras of both the Spanish cities Cordoba and Andujar. The event took place at the splendid concert hall at the music conservatory in Cordoba. The performance was amazing. They played a […]

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Saturday family lunch at my sister in law´s little country house is always remarkable and it is always beautiful and impressive to watch my mother in law cooking traditional meals. It is impossible to know how many thousand meals she has prepared for her husband, […]

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German Beer Bar in Madrid

Being a German walking around touristy places in Madrid (Santa Ana Square) I couldn´t help but take some pictures when I saw “Cervecería Alemana” (= German Beer Bar) and as luck would have it I managed to capture a frame I really like. Only the […]

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North Sea

How about some german vocabulary? “Nordsee” means “North Sea”, ok, this is an easy one. The next is “Wattenmeer” which is equivalent to “Wadden Sea”, an area “between north western continental Europe and the Frisian Islands, forming a shallow body of water” (wikipedia). The last […]

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Robert Frank

The first time I heard about Robert Frank was when I read Annie Leibovitz´s book “At Work”: “I was in awe of Robert Frank. Here was a great master. I couldn´t believe that I was able to watch him work for a few days, that […]

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“Tetraeder” is a large iron monument in the city of Bottrop, Germany showcasing the geometrical shape of it´s very name. We went there twice. The first time around 3 pm and it was fun to climb the structure and to enjoy it from the inside […]

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William Eggleston

I didn´t have a clue about William Eggleston. I came across the documentary “The colorful Mr. Eggleston” when I was searching for videos about photography on youtube. The documentary was so provocative to me from the first moment on that I couldn´t stop watching. A […]

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Landschaftspark Duisburg – Germany

Landschaftspark Duisburg (city of Duisburg, Germany) has been a former coal and steel production plant which has turned into a public park. The local authorities intention was to preserve the installations in order to help the understanding of the industrial past. It is a huge place […]

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iPhone World Gallery Madrid

Walking around in Madrid this summer I found it breathtaking to see oversized printed images from Apples iPhone World Gallery hanging on buildings here and there. I think, it adds very nicely to the urban landscape. It is of course a very bold approach to […]

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Madrid Underground

I enjoy my occasional rides on the Madrid underground tube. It is always entertaining, there are lots of things to observe and people to watch. Dull moments waiting for the train which then enters at high speed and everybody is in a rush to get […]