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Paris - Trocadero

Would you like to get married in Paris? Some tourist certainly do. Showing up early at spots like “Trocadero” and “Palais Royal” one can observe dressed up couples who have hired a photographer to take pictures of them. I was absolutely intrigued by these scenes and I realized that Paris is a place that, of course, evokes some romance, but it requires it as well from the visitor. If not, one will for example find these photo sessions laughable. I did not find them laughable at all. Very much the other way round. I was amazed by the symbolic power a photograph can have.

Paris - Trocadero

Fuji XT1 with Fujinon XF 18-135mm © 2017 Miguel Witte

The photographer of this particular scene seemed to me like the priest, directing the couple and requiring them to pose in different ways, slowly working up their way until they reached the culmination point which undoubtedly was the equivalent to “… and now you may kiss the bride.” That very frame of the kiss performed in front of the iron Eiffel Tower which has withstood the test of time for more than a hundred years and will very likely continue to do so in the future is probably at least as powerful as any wedding ring would have been on the hands of that couple. The resulting photograph from that shooting will for sure represent moment and memory, it will be proof, testimony and document, as well as art.